Figure 1 - Big Red Planet, Mars.

Flying Lession

Watney is marooned on Mars and forced on a lengthy journey with the hope of rescue. While the astronaut's path is fictitious, it takes place on real areas of Mars. Watney's trek takes him across a wide range of remarkable Martian terrain, from flat plains covered in deposits from Mars' watery distant past, to rugged highlands preserving some of the most ancient land on the Red Planet. Mars Trek's bookmark for "The Martian" allows you to follow Watney's intended path from Acidalia Planitia to the large crater Schiaparelli. Waypoints along the route provide you with expert commentary from Jim Green, director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington.


Planet Year Length Day Length
Mercury 88 days 59 days
Venus 255 days 243 days
Earth 265 days 24 hours
Mars 687 days 24.6 hours

Rocket Thrust = m Ve+(pe-p0)Ae
A = Area
p = Pressure
V = Exit Velocity
m = Mass Flow Rate